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dent and undead

In the mountainous region of Gifu Prefecture lies the Miboro Dam, a significant landmark. Constructed during a period of robust economic growth, this dam yields an impressive 330 million cubic meters of water annually, typically from mid-March to late May.

While the released water generates substantial electrical power crucial for sustaining livelihoods, the dam's history bears witness to a poignant tale. Its construction led to the submersion of a village beneath its reservoir, forcing residents to abandon their ancestral homes.

Spanning four years, my photographic journey documented the seasonal ebb and flow of the dam's water level, unveiling poignant remnants of life concealed beneath its surface. Withered trees, casting spectral shadows upon the dwindling water, offer a poignant reflection of contemporary existence, tethered to the relentless cycle of energy.

Within the hollow confines of the drained dam, I encountered a microcosm echoing the perpetual saga of destruction and renewal that surrounds us—a visual narrative capturing the essence of our shared human experience.




IMA next #45 SCENE  Judge:Kikuji Kawada  SHORT LIST

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